The Lab Project at Camden Arts Centre, London

The Lab Project is an experimental, month-long exhibition and events programme exploring the interactions between art and science. Over the course of three phases involving collaborations with scientists and members of the public, artists will engage in research and experiment with their practice through a series of workshops and knowledge exchange. Focusing their explorations around questions of sensory perception, multisensory integration and synaesthetic associations, each artist will produce or further develop a stimulating sensory and participatory piece for the final exhibition. The Lab Project has emerged as part of Testbed, an annual initiative run by Camden Arts Centre’s Front of House Volunteers. (


My last event of the residency and will open on Friday at 6pm. I will also be in the exhibition for hosting interactive activities in the mid of afternoon on the weekend and on Friday (21th) and in the late afternoon on Thursday (20th). I look forward to seeing you. Thanks!

駐村最後的展覽星期五要開幕囉! 歡迎大家有空來玩 : ) 可以看到 “彩色蛋捲” 攤開的樣子喔!

Successful opening! Thanks so much for coming!!

Thanks so much for trying MovISee last night! Moving your bodies in a packed show opening is never a piece of cake : D

It was so nice to meet so many new friends and had nice chat. I will be in the space 2-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see ya!

Before starting, me and Tsai-Chun Huang

The exhibition is officially finished. This photo was taken right before the opening event. We hope you had a great time. Thanks so much for visiting and participating. Also, thanks to The Lab Project team for the invitation and organization, and to Vivienne Du and Tiffany Lin for their lovely company.

We have collected many videos, will start to work on them and show more moving results to you in the near future : D

We just received a funding application invitation from someone who attended the opening event. Hopefully, we will see you soon in a city near you!

Yen-Ting Cho, Yen-Ling Kuo, Yen-Ting Yeh, Tsai-Chun Huang




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