MovIPrint Exhibition

This MovIPrint exhibition shows you new ways to create individual patterns. You just need to pick a design, upload your image/video and move your body to create a pattern which you can use to produce a personalized gift to share with friends or family. By using the unique MovISee software, MovIPrint enables you to combine coding and personal creativity.

The exhibition comprises five zones: 1. Pattern; 2. Dance; 3. Bar; 4. Fold; and 5. Feel. You can pick a card design in the Pattern zone. Then, in the Dance zone, you can move your body to create your individual gift. Next, you can print your postcard and send your gif video to friends in the Bar zone. In the Fold zone, you will see objects, such as fashion accessories, that are created from your printed postcard. Finally, in the feel zone, you can hold and wear beautiful wool and silk scarves from the ‘YenTing Cho’ range, created using MovIPrint.

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